Worn Kitchen Cabinets Doors Reduce Home Values

Whether buying or selling, the kitchen is truly the heart of any home. With worn out kitchen cabinets doors, however, your home value can decrease. Some quick tips for replacing old cabinets begin with assessing your current kitchen model. Most kitchens employ the efficient “sink-cook top-refrigerator-sink” triangle. Therefore, moving gas lines and plumbing can be costly. The savings obtained from buying discounted kitchen cabinets evaporates additional plumbing work as well. Preserving the best of your current kitchen can save you time and money. New cabinets by design safely accommodated standard sized appliances, while ensuring your current appliances are fully functional upon installation.

Next, it is time to measure the area. Kitchen counters are level and plumb, but walls and floors are not always square. This lack of alignment can skew your measurements. Keep in mind that if floors or walls are severely out of alignment, there may be underlying structural issues in the house. A good cabinets kitchen design store will have detailed instructions on how to take measurements, while offering timely help and reviews.

Finally, consider that someday, a realtor will be marketing and selling your home. Just as your home fits your neighborhood, do not overload the kitchen with unneeded features. Choose classic colors and styles that fit with the rest of the home. An Early American home needs a kitchen that fits in with that type of architecture. Think about the logistics of using your space. The correct placement of the kitchen cabinets makes this easy. Remember to run through on paper, the process of preparing and serving a meal, then cleaning up after wards.

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